Teaching the Course

Discover how you could run The Jesus Way as a course, whether you are a church leader or small group leader. This is a brilliant course for delivery online, with participants being able to enjoy the course in their own homes. On this page, you will discover:

These all draw on The Jesus Way book itself, which is the core component of the course.

The course can be divided into two 8-week courses (‘Learning the Jesus Way’ and ‘Living the Jesus Way’), each based on Parts 1 and 2 of the book.

Having taught it myself, I can commend The Jesus Way as the best discipleship training course available

Bishop Wallace Benn

Ways to run this course

Using the materials on this page, it is possible to:

Video & Audio Series

We offer both audio and video series, both useful to teach the course without someone needing to give the talks. They are purchased together via the video site, VIMEO.

Shot on location in the Holy Land and the United States, the Jesus Way Video Series follows the chapters of the book. Each ten minute episode provides a platform from which it is easy to create a small group series or a church-based course—without having to produce talks yourself each week. The videos, which include short interviews from around the world, highlight key themes from each chapter and have been designed to be used in close conjunction with the book.

The Video Series is available to purchase for a small fee via the video-sharing site, VIMEO. We have split the series into two parts which match the two short courses outlined in the book (on pages 250-251): ‘Learning the Jesus Way’ (available now) and ‘Living the Jesus Way’ (coming 2021).

The Audio Series is also available on VIMEO as part of the same package.

Church Leader’s Teaching Materials

We’ve created these for Church Leaders who are teaching The Jesus Way in a larger church setting. These materials allow you easily to shape the themes of the book into lectures, course sessions or talks.

Included are presentation slides and talk guides. They make it simple to expound the key themes in talks or lecture format within your local church environment.

Small Group Leader’s Guide

Unpack the book together in a small group setting. The Jesus Way Small Group Leader’s Guide opens the book up with questions and reflections for the whole group.

With each member of the group reading the book for themselves, these sessions can really help apply what it says to life.

The sessions also work really well with the short video series which can be used at the start, during each session or for individuals to watch in their own time.

Join together: Let’s let Jesus teach his own people 

how to know and love his truth!