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The JESUS WAY Book: Learning to live the Christian Life

The Jesus Way is for anyone who wants to follow Jesus but is not sure, or would like to be reminded of, the way.

Based on two key chapters in the New Testament (Luke 24 and Acts 2) Dr Peter Walker will unpack the six important things that the Risen Jesus wanted his followers to focus on and then show you how his apostles passed these on in the days of the early church.

So it’s an opportunity to learn how to follow Jesus his way, according to his own instructions—the Jesus way of following Jesus.

Many churches and small groups now run The Jesus Way as a Course. Visit the Teaching the Course page for all the details, downloads for small groups and teachers, and the Video Series which allows the course to be led by anyone without additional teaching required.

The Jesus Way brings out with ingenious thoroughness and appropriate fullness all the biblical basics of personal discipleship, and presents them in a thoroughly up-to-date, enlivening way. It has a world-Christian quality that seems to me to mark it out.

Prof JI Packer (1926-2020)

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PART 1: Learning from Jesus Himself
(Luke 24)
PART 2: Learning from the Apostles
(Acts 2)
1. Enjoy Jesus’ Resurrection7. Share with Jesus’ People
2. Accept His Forgiveness    8. Worship His Majesty
3. Welcome His Spirit        9. Follow His Teaching
4. Feed on His Scriptures    10. Live His Life
5. Participate in His Meal   11. Resist His Enemy   
6. Bear Witness to His Reign12. Trust Him for the Future 

This second edition has been revised and updated. All royalties have been assigned to EFAC – the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion. Founded in 1961 by John Stott, you can find out more about EFAC’s work here:

Contents and Commendations

What people like about the book….

… “a superb book written with simplicity, charm and sureness of touch” (Dr Michael Green)

… “an excellent introduction to the Bible by an outstanding biblical scholar” (Dr Justyn Terry)

… “easy to understand, well-presented, and thorough—without being overwhelming: an ideal handbook for those starting out on the Jesus Way” (Carrie Boren Headington)

… “a wonderfully clear, reliable and biblical guide into the Way of Jesus Christ” (Dr Joel Scandrett)

… “ a book that will challenge you to love Jesus unashamedly with both your heart and your mind, and that will stir your passion for Jesus” (Rachel Hickson)

Let’s learn to follow Jesus the Jesus way!