The Jesus Way

Explore the basics of the Christian faith

The Jesus Way is for anyone who wants to follow Jesus, but is not sure or would like to be reminded of, the way.

The Jesus Way is both a book (outlining 12 basic steps for following Jesus today) as well as a course—for those who want to go on this journey alongside others.

The course can be divided into two 8-week courses (‘Learning the Jesus Way’ and ‘Living the Jesus Way’), each based on Parts 1 and 2 of the book.

Those who come to this outstanding book knowing little about Jesus or his world will find themselves gently and wisely guided into a remarkably full knowledge of who he was

Rev’d. Canon J.John – Evangelist

Get the Book

The Jesus Way, available now, for you. The book is the core component for setting out on the Jesus Way—whether you are delving in as an individual, or together with others. You can save money with our discounted prices for multiple copies.

For a Group

Unpack The Jesus Way together in a small group setting. The Small Group Leader’s Guide suggests helpful questions to be considered by others studying The Jesus Way in a small group setting. With each member of the group reading the book for themselves, these sessions can really encourage people to apply the book’s teaching to the whole of their lives.

Video Series

Bring the course to life! These short videos enable you to hear directly from the author, Dr Peter Walker. They’re great for viewing in small groups or in larger church settings. Shot on location in the Holy Land and the United States, with interviews with people from around the world, these short films can bring a whole new dimension to your journey.

For Teachers & Preachers

You can also download materials for free which help you to teach The Jesus Way in your local church – perhaps in two short 8-week courses, over a church Weekend Away or in a sermon series.

Walk His Way, Love His Truth, Live His Life!